Home for Destitute Children/Elders

Donje Project

This project was conceived with the idea to rekindle the grand parents/grand children bondage which has gone for a toss in the modern nuclear family system. Destitute elders shunned by their kin are owned and accepted by us. 10 such elders housed at our Donje unit enjoy the benefit of shelter, food and affection of the tiny tots. They also happily partake in all the Social activities organised by us.

Centre for Destitute Children at Warje

This centre provides shelter, food and education to economically backward parent-less children, who are housed at two locations, Warje and Donje. The children attend regular schools affiliated to Maharashtra State Board for Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. Children are being trained in various vocations like stitching, printing, handicraft, carpentry, electrical wire man etc. Various social activities are organised at our centre which inculcates social, moral and cultural values in the children

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